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Mariam has completed her master’s in Clinical Psychology and has rich experience working with children and adults alike. She has experience working with children from the ages of 2 years to adolescents and also providing comprehensive support and training to parents.

She has extensive experience working with children on the Autism Spectrum, ADHD, Downs Syndrome, Learning disabilities, intellectual disabilities, anxiety and Personality disorders. Evidence-based techniques such as CBT, psycho-dynamic therapy, play therapy, positive behaviour management and parent-teacher counselling are a few of the therapeutic techniques employed by her. She also has experience in providing vocational training and rehabilitation services to young adults on the autism spectrum and with ADHD....

It is often said that your job should be more than just a means to earn your livelihood, it should serve a higher purpose. This thought has always been a guiding light for me while selecting my course of study to deciding my field of work!

In my years of experience, I have worked with some of the best therapists been lucky to witness an array of therapeutic styles and come up with my own based on scientific data and findings.

I believe in transcending conventional methods of therapy where deficiencies are the highlight, and the primary aim is to minimize or eliminate them if possible. It is crucial to have a clear vision for your student, this vision should be based on the child’s interests, abilities, opportunities and parent priorities.

It is a paradigm shift when you start working based on the ‘Top-Down approach’. The attitude and outlook of therapist and parents towards the child changes once they picture him/her as someone who is headed towards a specific and definitive goal. This has a huge impact on the behaviour and sense of self-worth of a child!

My aim is to provide wholistic services that result in the development of independent, well-rounded individuals who are confident and content with themselves and are responsible and contributing members of family and society!

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