Welcome to Falcon E Techno school, a space for unbridled growth and nurturing of young talent and genius. We give our learners the perfect intellectual artistic and moral foundation. A place where every student is encouraged to carry their own creative spark in a world competing for success for there’s one thing that a successful childhood definitely needs: Self-assured confidence.

Falcon E Techno school is the best high school in Shivajinagar which is provided a significant understanding of each subject. Once the foundation of learning is established in the primary classes they are further provided with the required academic asperityto prepare them for the upcoming challenges. We provide our students with an integrated knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in an easily comprehensible manner through our unique teaching methods.

We all know how primary and secondary education works in our country and how the curriculum differs from one class to another. The curriculum for higher school focuses on the career building of a student apart from academic achievements for which different activities and programs are initiated along with the academic subjects in the curriculum.

We also prepare our students for competitive exams like AIPMT,JE,NT,CLAT etc. We offer a perfect blend of ICSE/CBSE syllabus.

In high school, the way we teach the foundational concepts, especially in subjects like Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), holds immense importance. Effective teaching methods are key to removing students’ fears and unlocking their full potential. This is particularly critical for secondary students who need a clear understanding of each concept.

  • Our hands-on learning approach allows each child to have a clear conceptual understanding of the logic behind every formula, and every practice or every application learned is well engraved in the minds of these little geniuses.
  • We understand how primary and secondary education differs from one phase of teaching to another. This helps them stay a step ahead of the competition that they will be facing in the coming years.

Visit our campus to witness the Best High School in Shivaji Nagar for your kids.