The world is evolving so rapidly that the technology our students have today will quickly become obsolete. Falcon Code Labs Solutions provide the tools you need to establish foundational computer science skills that ensure future and career success.

Our solutions empower educators with the resources and support needed to successfully implement coding seamlessly in their classrooms. From lesson plans and activities to hardware and software resources, we provide everything necessary, so no time is wasted looking for resources, creating materials, or aligning to standards.

Falcon-e-techno School provides coding classes to students who are looking to make abstract programming concepts tangible. Designed for students at basic levels of coding experience, use our easy-to-teach -based Coding platform 


Our aim is to bridge the gap between your study and education. students are less likely to become overwhelmed by the course material because they are able to master the fundamental programming concepts in the CodeLabs. CodeLabs give our student’s coding practice opportunities in a self-paced and supportive learning environment.

We propose implementing Coding, Artificial Intelligence, and Robotics education for classes to understand practical concepts of Coding, Science, and Mathematics by ‘learning by doing, an approach where students will be facilitated with hands-on experiments.

 One of the larger aims is to prepare students for the future, by introducing and exposing them to essential world skills to get them to think out of the box, break boundaries and make something unique in the process!