The Program:

Starting school is a big and beautiful milestone in every child’s life. It is a much-awaited moment in most parent’s life to see toddlers grab their little bags, dress up in school uniforms and get ready for school! Unfortunately, not all children who join school are able to benefit from the experiences offered as they might be held back due to various factors which may or may not be very evident.

The School Readiness Program offered at Hopping Minds is a comprehensive therapy program aimed at identifying any developmental delays or difficulties which the child might be experiencing. We empower the child in building all the vital skills required to accommodate and function efficiently in a nursery/ school set up and enjoy healthy, fruitful relations.

Who will it benefit?

Children with Speech and Language delays, Social-Skill deficits-unable to make, maintain or interact with age-appropriately with peers, Learning delays, and other Developmental delays, between 2-6years of age.