Our Vision

To facilitate each child, reach his/her full potential whilst being the leading global service provider in therapeutic and rehabilitation services.

Our Mission

  • Holistic services- we aim to provide services which cater to the overall development of our students and help develop responsible, conscious and contributing members of society.
  • To provide quality service at affordable prices- we aim to provide quality, certified and evidence-based services at affordable prices.
  • To transcend the barrier of space- We strive to make our service easily accessible by use of technology.

The Wholistic Approach:

A child is a superhero, an astronaut, an artist, a musician, an explorer, a leader, so many different personalities, so many possibilities! Childhood is the beautiful space where imaginations run vivid and wild, the bliss of innocence and idealism allows children question systems and conventional methods while problem-solving, curiously and notoriously analyzing all situations around them.

Each child is unique with his/her own set of strengths and weaknesses. It is imperative for a child to be understood as a whole and not be defined by certain traits to develop well-rounded personalities. At Hopping Minds, we strive to delve deep into the personality of a child, understand his/her areas of strengths and weakness, decipher behavioural patterns and provide therapy that results in the overall development of a happy, content and responsible individual.

We believe in working from the ‘top-down’ approach where we first create a vision for each child by taking into consideration the baseline data gathered through standardized assessments, observations and parent priorities then choosing the therapy goals accordingly and adopting evidence-based therapeutic approaches.

Better Skills

Stronger basic math skills.

Drop Out Rates

Better pre-reading skills.

Future Success

 Richer vocabularies.