Welcome to Falcon Kindergarten

At Falcon Kindergarten, we consider each child to be an exceptional person with boundless potential.  Our mission is to provide a nurturing and stimulating environment where your child can flourish, learn and grow.

Our Principles

At Falcon Kindergarten, we are dedicated to helping each child develop a love for learning. The following principles form the foundation of our educational philosophy:

kid-Centered Learning: We understand that every kid learns at their own pace and in their own way. Our curriculum is created to take into account each learner’s needs, interests and aptitudes.

Play-Based Learning: We think that children learn best through play. Age-appropriate, fun activities that foster creativity, problem-solving and social interaction abound in our classrooms.

Experienced Teachers: Our staff of committed teachers is experienced, compassionate and enthusiastic about teaching young children. Your child can flourish in the protected and supportive environment they establish.

What We Offer ?

For kids aged 3 to 6, Falcon Kindergarten provides a variety of programs to suit their needs:

  1. Preschool Program: Created for our youngest students, this program emphasizes the development of social and linguistic skills as well as fundamental cognitive abilities via play and exploration.


  1. Pre-Kindergarten Program: This program gets kids ready for kindergarten entry with minimal disruption. Early literacy, numeracy and critical thinking abilities are emphasized.


  1. For kids who are getting close to kindergarten age, this programme offers intensive instruction to make sure they are ready for the demands of primary school.


Our Facilities: We have modern, well-appointed classrooms, a safe outdoor play space, a library, and a science exploration centre. We think it’s important to foster an atmosphere that encourages imagination and inquiry.

Partnership with Parents: At Falcon Kindergarten, we see parents as fellow learners alongside their children. We support parents participating in their children’s educational experiences through open communication, regular updates and participation opportunities.

Enrollment Information: Your child will have a solid foundation for lifelong learning if you enroll them in Falcon Kindergarten. Visit our school, meet our faculty, and find out how we can assist your child extend their wings and soar by inviting you to do so.


                    Join us at Falcon Kindergarten, where learning takes flight!    

                   Visit: https://falconetechnoschool.com/