Falcon – e – techno school provides an ideal education to prepare for the 21st Century. It is the best kindergarten school in Shivajinagar which offers a strong academic programme, exceptional faculty, superb campus, kaleidoscope of co-curricular activities and a community involvement programme. The teachers prepare the students for a new century characterized by rapid and constant change. The students are equipped to play an active role in the international world where people and cultures surpass national boundaries. Cultural conditions of young minds in tune with futuristic knowledge-based society.

From Toddlers through the Middle School, Falcon E Techno school provide your child a solid foundation and a vivid understanding of the world. We are committed to personalising the learning for every student and seek to deliver a differentiated curriculum that caters for the diverse needs of every individual, throughout their school career. We offer an experienced, highly-skilled Pastoral team and we ensure every student receives the appropriate support they need to achieve their potential. We work in partnership with students and parents to fulfil their needs and monitor their individual progress. 

Falcon E Techno School is an academic institute of excellence affiliated with the Best Islamic school in Shivajinagar which is offering modern education in tandem with Islamic values. The school specialises in imparting wholesome education to shape students into well-developed professionals ready for future challenges. The noble tenets of Islam are blended with a regular curriculum to encourage students to not just study Islamic values but also adhere to the code of conduct professed therein. 

Falcon E Techno is the foundation of knowledge, virtue and excellence, Islam adds purpose to existence and is the very basis of our education. Learning the rich Islamic history and the root of righteousness, helps students develop character, conduct and virtues. It also grooms leaders with proficiency in ethics and integrity which are hallmarks in attaining success. Team spirit is a quality most encouraged in order to work in a healthy social environment. We conduct activities and competitions to bring out the best in each individual.