School is where the foundation for tomorrow is laid.

It is at school that children are equipped with the knowledge and skills required to face the world. The Falcon E Techno is the Best primary and secondary school in Bangalore which has been designed to creatively prepare students to be adaptable for the later stages of their education while allowing them to enjoy the many wonderful experiences of their childhood.

Academic ability is important, but at Falcon e-techno School, we understand that true success is rooted on character. Academic goals and our dedication to character development go hand in hand.

We at Islamic School Bangalore understand how crucial it is to foster a thorough understanding of Islamic beliefs and concepts. Islamic studies are a crucial component of our curriculum and our students’ educational experience. Islamic School Bangalore explore the eternal lessons of the Quran, the profound Hadith teaching, and the complex fabric of Islamic history.

A day`s journey at Falcon E Techno involves acquiring, analyzing, and applying knowledge in different aspects. A home away from home, any day in Falcon E Techno school is full of enthusiasm, creativity, noise, and enjoyment. Each session is planned in accordance with new skills. 

Our school believes in the holistic development of each student. Our program provides equal opportunity to excel in both academics as well as co-curricular activities. A few important activities include creative work through chart paper projects, clay modeling, small skits, presentations, etc. Daily activity updates are put up on a website for the parents to see their child`s creativity and knowledge come alive. Project-Based Learning helps learners mix disciplines, apply academics in real-time and develop skills that would help them overcome obstacles and gain new perspectives.

Visit our campus to witness the  Montessori Primary and High School for your kids.