At Falcon E Techno school, we pride ourselves on providing a distinctive quality of education that seamlessly combines cultural roots with modern international learning. From playgroup to nursery and high school, our curriculum and co-curricular programs ensure the holistic development of every child.

Kindergarten is a child’s first experience in Best Preschool in Bangalore for kids organised setting, where they learn the value of sharing, obtaining new knowledge, and personal development. The learning and teaching become more formal in this segment, with an emphasis on the development of fine motor skills through engaging activities such as writing, drawing, and creative projects. Theme-based learning becomes increasingly detailed, promoting active and effective learning. At Falcon E Techno school, we build a firm foundation for lifetime learning and achievement.

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At our renowned Top primary schools in Bangalore, your child will discover a world of limitless possibilities. We ensure that the core abilities acquired during the Early Year Programme are put into action with our comprehensive curriculum that emphasises conceptual learning. We are dedicated to creating a brighter future for our pupils and are ranked among the finest elementary schools in Bangalore.

At our school, we go to great lengths to ensure that pupils have a thorough understanding of subjects that will have a significant impact on their life. We stimulate the application of concepts and provide hands-on experiences using learning kits and practical approaches through unique teaching methods.

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